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Combat problems impacting your marketing content development, connected communications, the spur group

Equip your team 

Give them the tools they need to make better content and enable your go-to-market strategy
Diagnosing your channel efforts, channel management, the spur group

Strengthen your channel

Find the solutions to 5 common channel problems 
Transform your sales organization cover, sales transformation, the spur group

Increase your ROI

Change your sales efforts and transform your team


Preventing a presentation disaster, connected communications, the spur group

Build your best presentation

Give your team the tools they need to deliver a compelling presentation that drives your business.
10 breakthrough strategies for tech companies, business operations, the spur group

Find the right business strategy 

Achieve breakthrough growth in the technology industry by using the 10 strategies.
Create a healthy partner ecosystem, the spur group, channel management, consulting

Manage your channel ecosystem

By managing the health of your channel ecosystem you'll see a greater return in your channel efforts.