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The Spur Group - Sales Transformation

Sales Transformation

Master the new sales reality

With prospects driving the process today, sales don’t happen the way they used to. Meanwhile, your target keeps going up but your budget stays the same, requiring you to get more value for every dollar you spend.

To thrive in today’s changing sales environment, your direct sales team needs new tools and strategies. Data insights and an effective change management plan are essential to transform sales, achieve your revenue goals and lower your cost per order dollar. The Spur Group helps you capture those insights and use them to optimize sales effectiveness.


Sales Transformation Assessment

Assess your strengths and weaknesses and solve your key sales transformation issues. Our multi-disciplined, detailed analysis of your organization, cost model, sales process, coverage model and channel efforts quantifies your sales performance across twelve critical business areas. Prioritize your attention to areas that have the greatest business impact and best return on investment.


SMART Coverage
Sales Optimization

Take control of your sales revenue with deep, granular metrics that show you how each industry, product and individual sales rep is performing. Building on your sales team performance metrics allows you to optimize account coverage, define territories and drive the results you need.


Sales Engagement

Our POWER sales engagement arms your sellers, both partners and field, with the tools and resources to convince business decision makers (BDMs) and technical decision makers (TDMs) to choose your products and services.  The POWER framework can scale to your specific need and all materials are designed in concert to provide a powerful, consistent set of sales messages.


“My experience with Spur has been outstanding. Easily one of the very best vendor experiences I’ve had in my 10 years at Microsoft … it has been a pleasure working with all of them.”

Peter Cooper | Director of Product Marketing, Internet of Things | Microsoft

Sales Transformation Services

The Spur Group - Sales Transformation

Sales Process And Organization

In today’s hypercompetitive market, it is more important than ever to have discipline in your sales processes if you want to consistently meet and exceed goals. Driving that discipline means a clear operational framework that achieves consistency and standardization across things such as lead generation, opportunity management, pipeline forecasting, account management and sales force management.

We can help do this through a metric based approach to operational and sales performance. In addition, by leveraging data analytics you can get a clearer view of performance across individuals, districts, and regions to identify blockers and opportunities. With better insight into your business, you can respond faster and drive higher performance.

Market Coverage

All markets are not created equal, with limited resources it is more important than ever to make sure that you are investing in the right geographies, industries and customer segments. Beyond just having territory coverage, you need to balance your sales motion differently across direct field, inside and partner sales.

The decision depends on anticipated market growth, size, location, as well as solution complexity. With our help you can compare your internal performance to industry benchmarks and across your business to balance your investments, grow your revenue and lower your cost per order dollar. It’s not about being a value or a growth company, it’s about being each where the market demands it.

Cost Optimization

Today’s market requires you to get more value for every dollar you spend, since often your target goes up, but your budget stays the same. Taking advantage of a zero based budget approach lets you adapt to changing markets without carrying excess baggage from previous years.

Customary expenses like real estate and T&E don’t need to be assumed, sometimes it is better to invest the money in targeted marketing or quota bearing reps. In addition, we can help you focus on improving margin in areas of constrained growth so you can do more with less using the right mix of programmatic channel, tele-sales and direct field sales. It’s not about how you did things before, it’s how you can do it in the future.

Four Steps to Effective Strategic Planning for Technology v1.png

Four Steps to Effective Strategic Planning for Technology Companies

The Spur Group - Sales Transformation

Channel Optimization

Partners and resellers are crucial to extending your market reach, providing high-touch support and innovating high value solutions that take advantage of your existing products or services. A strong sales approach requires a comprehensive look and alignment between your channel, inside and direct field sales.

We can help you recruit, train and incent the right partners. But even more importantly, you get alignment between your direct sales force as well as your partners and resellers. Turn your manual crank engine into an automatic. Learn more about our specific channel management offerings

Sales Talent And Enablement

The internet and social media have changed seller and customer dynamics. Customers self-educate, connect with their peers and form preconceived opinions before talking to a salesperson. A successful salesperson needs a strong understanding of broader industry pain points, customer business models, and proven use cases around their products and services. On top of that, they need to sell outcome-based value within the context of any preconceived customer biases.

We provide industry based skills assessments, customer focused sales enablement and a methodical approach to using technologies like social media so you can win and close business faster. Your sales force can frame and control the conversation, not just react to it.

Compensation And Incentives

Outlining a sales coverage model is the foundation to success, but without the right incentives it doesn’t matter. In order to get the results you want, you have to align compensation, incentives, promotions and SPIF to your broader company strategy.

We can design incentives that achieve short and long term objectives while driving to your strategic and annual operating plans. In addition we can help build in and communicate those incentives through a consistent compensation plan design. You get higher performance against objectives like new customers, key accounts, and low or high margin products. Having a high performing sales force means delivering the right incentives and communicating them effectively.

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