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Better dashboards simplify reporting and collaboration

Learn how we improved team productivity, simplified business reporting, and created better line-of-sight for a cloud team at a large software company.

With data siloed throughout your organization, it’s hard to know if you have all the information you need—and if it’s the most accurate. 

Here's how The Spur Group helped one of our clients make hyper-effective decisions by streamlining their data collection and reporting process. 

The Challenge

  • Cross-channel performance data needed to inform monthly and quarterly business review cadence
  • Lack of data automation forced recreation and recalculation of metrics each month
  • Existing reports did not provide a holistic view, or have the right segmentation making gaining insight difficult
  • Strong management pressure to solve quickly

The Solution

  • Led Design Thinking Interviews with stakeholders to develop the data views with greatest ROI
  • Collaboratively defined new KPIs to drive desired behaviors
  • Created centralized views for key metrics and frequently requested data, saving time and emails

The Result

  • Automated data collection, normalization, and reporting enabling better monthly business reviews
  • Simplified processes for continuously refreshing information throughout the month
  • Improved strategic focus by shifting team energies from data collection to data analysis
  • Greater management line of sight to team performance, continuously updated
  • Improved team bandwidth by reducing workload of team by ~15hrs each month