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ESTIMATED TIME:   1 minute read

Better partner enablement shifts focus to a platform sale

A large networking company's series of acquisitions fundamentally fragmented its security products messaging and go-to-market motion with partners.

A unified communications strategy and framework is a necessity to capture the attention of customers and partners. Learn how our client partnered with us to build a compelling story that became the single source of truth for their product portfolio and built confidence and trust with their partners. 

The Challenge

  • Recent series of product acquisitions fragmented messaging across our client's product group.
  • There was low product-line interest from existing partners around supporting the full product portfolio
  • Limited ability to recruit competitive partners due to the failure to communicate the value of the product portfolio
  • Misperception within partners having a set point-solutions with no unified platform play
  • Had to solve the problem with a twelve-week hard deadline

The Solution

  • Created a single messaging framework that worked across all aspects of the portfolio
  • Developed a strong partner business proposition that provides a compelling reason for new and existing client partners to sell the product portfolio
  • Authored customer-facing content that align to the new messaging framework
  • Defined sales playbooks for internal and external sellers supporting the full security platform
  • Created a channel engagement framework the field teams could follow to drive partner enablement
  • Built momentum through rigorous project management to drive scale and adoption

The Result

  • More alignment between messaging and content with an entirely new set of partner readiness materials
  • Met deadline and exceeded expectations
  • Actionable roadmap with supporting materials for field and partner execution
  • Comprehensive how-to-sell training targeting specific competitive offers
  • Partners and stakeholders embraced the messaging and content
  • Increased partner sales and recruitment
  • Scalable sales enablement framework that would support new products as the portfolio expanded