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Change management accelerates and sustains new systems adoption

Well-orchestrated change management accelerates return on investment

Stakeholder awareness and alignment to your initiative can drive much needed participation and support. Stakeholders are often SME’s (subject matter experts), or are involved in tangentially-related initiatives. By offering transparency into your initiative, you become a working partner, positioning them to support your project with their expertise, time, or even advocacy.

A leading manufacturing technology company realized cross-company communication was difficult within their systems. Their part tracking system had become bogged down in duplicates and internal system transactions that should have taken 15 minutes required up to 4 hours. The client knew they had to implement a new ERP solution to better manage their business. As the 2008 recession started, manufacturing became one of the hardest hit sectors of the economy.

It was no longer enough to increase operational efficiency and reduce overall operating costs. They needed to accelerate their return on investment. Staff support and adoption became a major driver of success as the company replaced over 200 disparate information management systems company-wide.

Here's how The Spur Group helped our client develop and execute a comprehensive change management initiative, including organization-wide communications and events.

The Challenge

  • Drive staff support and adoption of a new ERP system
  • Accelerate the ROI of their ERP system
  • Reduce company operating costs
  • Increase operational efficiency across the organization
  • Enhance internal company communications
  • Streamline inter-department coordination

The Solution

  • Developed and executed an executive alignment and change management strategy
  • Built extensible tracking tools and processes to offer transparency during execution
  • Designed and created a comprehensive project infrastructure
  • Drove participation and enthusiasm for the project across stakeholders throughout the company
  • Authored internal communications that encouraged executive and employee support
  • Coordinated all scheduling and logistics for a road show involving 15 presenters, 3 sites, and over 800 participants across Europe and the United States
  • Analyzed, measured and reported on testing, progress and results

The Result

  • Generated enthusiasm among employees for the new system
  • Accelerated ROI realized with the ERP implementation
  • Aligned different organizations around a common, simple solution and process
  • Reduced time and resource commitment without sacrificing quality
  • Increased adoption through communication of the system’s impact on corporate efficiency and individual roles
  • Organization-wide support for the new ERP system and accelerated ROI

“The Spur Group brought the expertise, methodologies, and discipline to help us align stakeholders who spanned multiple organizations and countries who all had a vested interest in the success of the program.”