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Connected communication

Demonstrate executive thought leadership to your audience

The Spur Group
The Spur Group

Focused corporate communications affirm competitive thought leadership in the marketplace

The Problem

How can a corporate communications team produce a groundbreaking product launch event in just over a month?

The client offers high-performance network infrastructure that enables global service providers, leading enterprises, and public sector organizations create value and accelerate business success. They have an exclusive focus on providing solutions that solve the toughest and most complex networking problems.

The corporate communications team had an opportunity to hold a product launch that leveraged the 40th anniversary of the launch of ARPANET. The ARPANET project revolutionized how people communicated, and revealed breakthrough changes in client technology, business models and network partnerships. This product announcement was one of the most important since the company’s initial product launch, and effective corporate communication had the potential to fundamentally transform marketplace perceptions.

The challenge was in the lack of time available. The event was in just over a month, and preparation had not yet begun. This meant the story needed to be crafted, messaging refined, executive schedules coordinated, presentations built and speeches written. There was no margin of error in the execution.

The corporate communications lead turned to The Spur Group to provide the bandwidth, insight and expertise to:

  • Deliver their company message at the New York Stock Exchange in a manner that alters and enhances current perceptions
  • Launch an improved company strategy with three clear pillars
  • Convey the potential impact of the innovations being launched

Our Approach

Create a comprehensive launch management system to align executives, drive to tight deadlines and build a compelling story.

  • Created a clear executive messaging framework and compelling speeches
  • Executed effective launch planning
  • Managed event delivery and keynote speech development
  • Managed and coordinated message content across multiple presenters
  • Executed within a tight timeframe

Our Results

An event that elevated the company’s profile and strengthened its position in the marketplace.

  • Demonstrated executive thought leadership to customers, partners and key influencers
  • Served as launch platform for new corporate branding
  • Changed the dialogue around the client’s core value proposition

“The Spur Group made a powerful contribution to this product launch! The Spur Group expertise helped us increase our impact, fast track our partners, and meet our objectives.”

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