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Business operations

Enable team members to develop actionable insights

Dan Overgaag
Dan Overgaag

Improve visibility into the health of the business by leveraging data and focusing on outcomes.

The Problem 

Team members struggled to clearly articulate important information to executives, reducing the effectiveness of regular business reviews.

A recently re-organized marketing team at a tech giant had difficulty clearly reporting meaningful insights on each aspect of their business. They run a complex business spanning multiple customer types and product groups. With little time to gather data and insights, the team struggled to identify consistent themes and trends. Each reporting cycle, the team needed to:

  • Quickly and thoroughly report on the state of the business
  • Determine actionable and impactful insights
  • Create a narrative that summarized the health of their business

Our Approach

Implemented a three-pronged approach for insight development in order to help team members effectively communicate their business to executives.

Leveraging our experience in reporting and communicating to executives, The Spur Group:

  • Conducted one-on-one coaching sessions with each team member as requested, guiding them through the process to find insights in complex data and offering them a forum for presenting in a safe environment
  • Offered a formulaic approach to writing and finding good insights that focuses on the outcome and causation versus simply reporting the news
  • Templatized much of their executive review deliverables to include insight formulas giving them a path for creating a strong narrative about their business

Our Results

Demonstrated improvement in both insight and narrative creation by team members with requests for continued coaching.

The approach not only improved insights during reviews, but enabled team members to leverage their learnings in other aspects of their business. An executive commented that the quality of insights bettered each month and resulted in: 

  • Improved visibility into the health of the business by reporting on outcomes and actions rather than simply reporting the news
  • Decreased the re-writing effort due to the higher-quality during the first pass
  • Elevated presenter confidence and understanding of their business

"We worked with Spur to increase my team’s ability to succinctly report business performance insights and corrective actions.  This certainly increased our efficiency and impact on executive reviews"

Paco Herrera | Director, Enterprise Segment & Readiness, Microsoft

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