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Education market approach transformed with better messaging & content

A technology leader playing in the higher education market needed to improve its go-to-market messaging and build a sales enablement engine to train its sales team.

Innovative companies know that powerful messaging can drive change and revenue—when it accurately and persuasively communicates the distinctive value of what you are offering. Creating a definitive messaging framework and authoritative content that does the job are among the most important tasks your leadership team will take on. Because coordinating internal stakeholders to develop intentional marketing messaging can be complex, you need a conscientious, proven approach to leverage your best subject-matter experts and coalesce multiple viewpoints to produce world-class content. 

 Here’s how a leading technology company took on the challenge of conveying solution-specific and product-specific information to multiple audiences in the education sector with a value-centered messaging framework and content to drive understanding and action. 

The Challenge

  • Lack of clear, all-up messaging approach for the important higher education marketplace
  • Poor sales collateral supporting for five key solutions across both Higher Education and K-12
  • Disagreement between important stakeholders about how to market the solutions
  • Weak market reach for key solutions compared to competitive offerings

The Solution

  • Conducted stakeholder alignment workshops with important to establish a unified vision and share approach
  • Created a content roadmap outlining that go-forward plan for developing content supporting the five education solutions
  • Authored the set of required content that aligned to the central messages and fulfilled the content roadmap including pitch decks, eBooks, battlecards, playbooks and other self-service customer-facing assets
  • Provided essential project management support to drove the adoption and sign-off process across a diverse set of stakeholders

The Result

  • Freed team bandwidth by authoring the required collateral as detailed by the content roadmap
  • Drove customer understanding through a single, a comprehensive messaging framework
  • Unified previously divided stakeholder groups around a shared go-to-market approach and content
  • Equipped internal and external sellers with a portfolio of sales enablement content tailored for the five key education solutions.