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Business operations

Overcome high volume workloads

Dan Overgaag
Dan Overgaag

Keep sales operations running smoothly during high volume periods in the business.

The Problem

Maintaining sales operations effectiveness during peak times.

A sales operations team at a tech giant inevitably struggled to keep up on day-to-day activities during busy times.  

They needed a flexible resourcing model that could: 

  • Scale at a moment’s notice 
  • Manage sales operations and reporting tasks that would otherwise be neglected 
  • Distribute work evenly across their support team 

Our Solution 

Implementing a process and support model that scales during busy periods.

  • Design a “surge support” model that enables the support team to scale quickly depending on daily, weekly or monthly client needs
  • Forecast pinch-points and periods of peak work volume to preemptively developed mitigation strategies
  • Coordinate activity and tackle unexpected workload by leveraging a single point of surge contact
  • Monitor team capacity
  • Delegate ad-hoc tasks based on bandwidth
  • Cover spontaneous day-to-day actions
  • Provide out-of-office coverage for other support team members to ensure business operations continuity
  • Document all work processes to facilitate role transitions and coverage in the future

Our Results

Flexible resource model that enables delivery on critical executive asks and sales operations peaks without compromising business continuity

  • Overcame periods of high volume workload without burdening the business team
  • Managed tight timelines to deliver executive reports and communications within a high-intensity monthly review rhythm
  • Absorbed approximately 80% of ad-hoc asks without impact on other activities
  • Drove efficiency into onboarding processes to enable scale
  • Mitigated against disruptions caused by business team travel and unscheduled out-of-office by business team members

"Spur’s surge support model gives us the flexibility to focus on business strategy instead of constantly worrying about the day to day execution. It gives our team peace of mind and allows us to see the big picture."

Ian Brackenbury | Senior Business Program Manager, Microsoft 

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