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Give your leadership line-of-sight into your organization

Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller

Holistic and concise views of your organization rely on a thoughtful framework and robust business operations.

The Problem

How can I socialize the overall health of my organization, including status, help needed, open decisions and dependencies with my leadership and peers?

Though the client continuously showed success in product marketing, they lacked the organizational muscle required to establish and maintain a regular, efficient review structure that reported up to the executive. They needed to develop a standardized business operations framework to highlight key success measures, identify areas for improvement, and provide a left-to-right view of the all-up business.

The Spur Group was engaged to:

  • Design a business operations system that allowed the team to identify and resolve issues and highlight successes
  • Establish a business operating rhythm aligned to broader company cadences

Our Solution

Collaborate with the client to identify and address unique difficulties in existing business operations preventing the team from communicating effectively in a sustainable format

  • Determined the value, stakeholders, and key dependencies of the meeting
  • Established key metrics aligned with business priorities to measure success and highlight areas of potential risk
  • Built a deck template to drive thoughtful discussion with appropriate focus and granularity
  • Developed a process to collect content, capture meeting notes, and track action items to completion

Our results

By bringing rigor to the executive review, we helped the client foster clarity, collaboration and accountability across the business

  • Enabled shared insights across teams
  • Surfaced customer and field feedback to identify gaps and inform priorities for the future
  • Improved accountability against key success metrics
  • Increased responsibility and timely completion of executive directions

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The Spur Group provided a set of competencies and expertise

“The Spur Group provided a set of competencies and expertise that permitted our executives to continue to focus on their daily responsibilities while the corporate planning process improvement project was being conducted.”