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The Spur Group
The Spur Group

Develop the right strategy and sales enablement materials for your AI solution by connecting engineering and marketing data and priorities.

The problem

How do I create effective product messaging for a complex AI solution that is still in development?

AI solutions require innovative product messaging strategies that can translate complex technical details into a compelling narrative. A Fortune 500 company was developing an enterprise AI solution that had tremendous potential across industries. The Director of Marketing and Strategy needed messaging and sales enablement materials that could effectively convey their vision for enterprise transformation with this AI solution.

The challenge was to:

  • Ensure alignment across numerous stakeholders from different teams.
  • Record and reconcile changing solution capabilities and product strategy to ensure accuracy in marketing content.
  • Create compelling messaging and sales materials that would enable sales professionals to deliver strong results.

Our solution

Facilitate development of product strategy and manage communication between stakeholders to develop compelling marketing content.

  • Compiled and reconciled the solution’s technical detail data from engineering with product strategy information from marketing to create accurate and accessible working documents.
  • Acted as a strategic thought partner by helping the client develop an effective product strategy.
  • Facilitated discussions between the marketing and engineering teams to ensure alignment on ever-changing solution capabilities, marketing strategies, and timelines.
  • Asked insightful questions throughout to identify key knowledge gaps and help both teams clarify aspects of the AI solution, such as out-of-the-box features, limitations, potential end-users, and buyers.
  • Continually refined and revised the product narrative as solution details evolved.

Our results

By connecting and facilitating engagement between engineering and marketing teams, we were able to create a concise and compelling solution narrative for the client’s complex AI solution.

  • Promoted valuable and efficient collaboration between engineering and marketing teams through alignment with every aspect of the AI solution.
  • Delivered effective materials on time for critical client event despite tight timeline pressures and last-minute changes to solution capabilities.
  • Enabled client to drive greater market traction by acting as a strategic thought partner in the development and establishment of product strategy.
  • Allowed the client to focus on higher value priorities by helping scale content creation and execution activities.

“Partnering with The Spur Group has been a pleasure. Their Connected Communications team quickly understood the nuanced technical aspects of our AI solution and transformed them into a truly exceptional messaging framework. This work has set the quality bar for similar projects across our organization.”

– Director of Marketing and Strategy

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