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Connected communication

Provide a competitive advantage around IOT

Allison Strother
Allison Strother

Understanding what you need from an Internet of Things solution provider.

The Problem

How to position our client to succeed with compete content.

The client, a compete lead at a Fortune 500 tech company, was struggling to create messaging that would arm their field sales teams for competitive conversations about Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This material had to be customer-facing and compelling, and had to clarify how the firm’s approach to IoT was unique in the market. But at the same time the client wanted these messages not to feel like the normal “hard sell.”

Spur was called in to help build a solution that did all of this.

The challenge was to:

  • Understand the competitive positioning of the client’s go-to-market approach in IoT
  • Create a narrative that clearly illustrated the value of the client’s approach vs. others
  • Distill this information into material that generalist sales professionals could understand and deliver

Our Solution

Landing on the questions approach – choosing the right provider for your IoT solution.

With the client, we created a narrative structure around five open-ended questions that customers should ask potential IoT solution providers.  

These questions allowed for several different answers and were meant to prompt a dialogue. Instead of making a direct comparison to competitors, our client was instead positioned in a trusted advisor role. This helped bolster the client’s credibility and advantages in a subtle but compelling way.   

The answer to the questions could point a customer to choosing a competitor. This was part of the strength of the narrative – it was designed to enable an objective evaluation. But at the same time, it also gave sellers a natural way to discuss the advantage of our client’s solution approach. The presentation was later turned into a series of five blog posts to provide a self-service resource for customers.  

Our Results

A compelling narrative that positions the client in an IoT thought leadership role and provides them with a greater competitive advantage.

  • The opportunity to learn the pitch was in high demand from a variety of field audiences.
  • The content led to productive seller conversations with customers – it opened up honest dialogues, giving our client credibility
  • The blog series was highly successful – for our client, anything above 500 page views is considered high performing, and the blog series had a median of 865 views per post and an average of 1890

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