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Leadership aligned through better process management

A billion-dollar product team at a major software company needed a better governance and review cadence to improve budgeting and unify accountability.

Prioritization, communication and on-time execution are perennial challenges of any business. When you set clear expectations, emphasize regular dialog, establish ownership and ensure accountability, you can avoid common pitfalls and drive the results you need

Here's how our client improved communication and implemented a more consistent flow of information throughout the organization.

The Challenge

  • Deadlines missed leading to inability to deliver required business results
  • Frustration at the senior executive level as request seemed random and unfocused
  • Low visibility into budget accuracy and spend forecasting
  • Poor coordination between teams resulting in dropped actions or duplicate work efforts
  • Team goals drove activity and were not necessarily indicative of business results

The Solution

  • Implemented a new budget management processes to manage spend across a multi-team organization
  • Foster stakeholder communication between both internal teams and other business groups through defined process that drove visibility and collaboration
  • Supported the adoption of a new OKR and performance metric process across the team
  • Developed and implemented rigorous monthly & quarterly governance process and meeting cadence
  • Identified and shared best practices for identifying and acting-on opportunities for collaboration and increased efficiencies

The Result

  • Vastly improved budget management and significantly reduction in number of short flow asks
  • Improved efficiencies across a diverse, often disparate team
  • Team morale and engagement improved as stress relieved across the origination
  • Better communication and a more consistent flow of information throughout the organization
  • Clear, unified expectations around key processes
  • Smooth adoption of the new OKR/goal setting process