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Business operations

Cut costs by 30% with our managed services

Dan Overgaag
Dan Overgaag

Strong program management support streamlines business operations and reduces costs.

The Problem

How do I organize multiple vendor teams across my business group to work collectively and efficiently, to achieve my groups key business goals?

An operation and sales team at a Fortune 100 tech company struggled to establish a consistent rhythm of the business while balancing individual program needs and absorbing urgent issues. The team was unorganized, had many competing priorities, and tight deadlines.  This resulted in poor execution and the team risked not hitting key targets by the end of the year.

Our client understood the need for a strong program management methodology to run an efficient business group, but struggled to build and implement a solid framework that allowed the teams to work in unison. They needed an approach to business management that was clear and comprehensive in order to:

  • Manage planning and execution of programs to reach valuable milestones
  • Address execution inconsistencies in order to drive key initiatives across teams
  • Invest resources in critical areas to meet key performance indicators

Our Solution

Construct process, support and communication models that work to effectively align teams around priority goals while simultaneously cutting costs

  • Built process around workstreams to increase group efficiency
  • Created a flexible methodology by which teams could scale as needed to relieve teams or
    individuals over capacity
  • Communicated new management and communications framework with each team to reinforce
    primary objectives, manage execution and eliminate redundancies
  • Managed and communicated milestones, action items, and business intelligence in a
    predictable and visible manner
  • Redesigned strategies for stronger sales processes, field and channel outreach, and
    business operations

Our Results

Flexible support program enabled client business group to successfully reach critical milestones

  • Executed a more efficient method to organize teams, streamlining programs, and cut costs by 30% from the original support model
  • Implemented a model that scaled up or down depending on client needs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Readied teams with updated methodologies and processes to ensure the team knew their priorities and met their deadlines with full consistency
  • Drove accountability, transparency, and strategic behaviors that resulted in 65% of their red scorecard metrics to move to green by year end
  • Aligned sales, operations, and channel team activities to reduce redundancy and ensure success


“The Spur Group continues to provide excellent management support for the team. They have helped us build and implement a solid process for managing our demanding planning and review rhythm; as well as, help several [teams] across our [group to] project manage key programs. I highly recommend The Spur Group.”

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