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Improve partner return

Maximize your channel revenue with the right, rapidly enabled partners

Luke Gordon
Luke Gordon

Create an enhanced partner recruitment and on-boarding process

The Problem

How do we develop a robust channel that can drive sales, from awareness to close, so we can increase revenue and improve market penetration?

The client, the head of partner marketing, knew there was untapped channel potential to drive revenue and market penetration for the company’s cloud platform and software offering. Previous partner development activities required extensive time and resources and failed to capitalize on the channel opportunity. The client needed to attract partners with strong capabilities and market presence, then provide clear on-boarding timelines with defined activities and processes.

The Spur Group was engaged to:

  • Build a list of target partner companies.
  • Create a clear messaging framework to inform partner recruitment efforts.
  • Develop a compete playbook with compelling talking points to guide partner recruitment conversations.
  • Create a partner onboarding checklist to standardize processes and provide a consistent onboarding experience.

Our Solution

Provide the client with a filterable, data-driven list of target partners and develop a detailed messaging framework with supporting content to help improve recruitment discussions and accelerate the onboarding process.

  • Identified a set of desired partner attributes based on the client’s business needs.
  • Developed a list of potential partners that met specific criteria for cloud business and industry expertise.
  • Enhanced potential partner list with details on size, location, and market to enable customized targeting.
  • Conducted research to understand the client’s market standing, inform and strengthen the partner value proposition, and recommend program adjustments.
  • Engaged a select set of partners to inform and validate the messaging framework.
  • Created a to-field guide framing key partner interests with multiple talking points to standardize and streamline recruitment discussions.
  • Documented an improved, standardized 100-day on-boarding process with clear field, partner, and system actions and outcomes.

 Our Results

Enabled the client to successfully recruit partners in a competitive environment and improved partner onboarding experiences while accelerating the process.

  • Drove better return on investment, with outreach focused on partners that would have the most impact on the client channel.
  • Decreased the time and effort needed to onboard partners to client programs.
  • Accelerated and enhanced the formation of client-partner relationships.


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