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New internal readiness program motivates and activates customer teams

A product team needed to get traction for its new offering with its customer-facing sellers to increase awareness, win customers, and improve satisfaction.

When you’re looking to increase revenue growth through a line-of-business expansion, it’s all about how you go-to-market. In any scenario, it comes down to how you create and manage human relationships. And when your success is heavily reliant on your salesforce, you maximize your chances of achieving your objectives by creating the very best human experience for your customers, partners and employees. You need resources dedicated to enabling your team throughout the sales lifecycle, from powerful messaging to readiness training that drives their success.

Here’s how a leading real estate information technology company was able to set themselves up for increased revenue growth by enabling and inspiring their sales team to deliver a fantastic customer experience.

The Challenge

  • Seller conversion decreasing through the funnel.
  • New line of business needed better traction with field sellers and marketing
  • No existing enablement strategy and content existed
  • Lack of expertise and reference materials limited the team’s ability to innovate
  • Customer-facing teams felt disconnected from the offering and unsupported in customer conversations.

The Solution

  • Conducted content assessment to form a baseline and identify existing enablement content gaps
  • Defined a consistent brand and product messaging for all enablement assets
  • Established objectives and requirements for the enablement strategy, aligning to persona journeys, sales processes, and campaign plans
  • Developed content development plan and built an initial set of content
  • Created an implementation plan to gather feedback, report results, and make improvements

The Result

  • Delivered compelling customer-facing messaging framework for the client's service launch
  • Increased understanding and alignment of customer-facing teams through structured training and program
  • Improved customer experience around the offer lead to more future conversions.
  • Established critical cross-functional relationships across product, sales, data analytics, design, and other internal teams.
  • Improved the team’s credibility with customer-facing teams
  • Enabled sustained improvement by structuring internal readiness in a repeatable framework