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New planning process improves go-to-market across a product group

The lack of a consistent product portfolio planning process frustrated senior executives, eroded team credibility and jeopardized launch schedules.

Ambiguity is the enemy of projects with tight time-frames and tough deadlines. Especially helpful in large projects, a robust, enduring and efficient system enables visibility across teams, reduces work efforts and easily supports collaboration within and outside your organization. Exerting the effort to streamline the rhythm of the business will free up time to focus on what really matters and avoid crippling delays. Ultimately, your internal and external customers will benefit, as will your bottom line.

Here’s how a large technology firm streamlined the rhythm of business and overhauled the go-to-market planning process for a division that greatly benefited from the application of project governance with an emphasis on efficiency, visibility and collaboration.

The Challenge

  • Successful business growth strained existing governance and business review process for a multi-billion dollar product line
  • Lack of a consistent planning process structure prevented cross-group analysis and scheduling
  • Delayed product launches if they fell out of sync with bi-annual submission deadlines
  • Lack of a uniform decision-making framework with distinct "decision gates" to drive efficient executive reviews
  • No cross-group tracking mechanism to enable a single view of the status of every application on the product roadmap
  • Data and other information not organized across 50+ products

The Solution

  • Drove stakeholder management to align on review cadence and each team’s role & responsibilities
  • Adopted a consistent project management approach that defined workstreams, milestones, workbacks and review cadence on rhythm.
  • Mapped required process management flows to key product milestones
  • Provided operational support to conduct ongoing program support of new governance process
  • Built single, cross-group tracking system to manage hundreds of open actions at any given time
  • Drove adoption through a defined change management to process

The Result

  • Rapid adoption of new process allowed the successful launch of 12 planned products by their required deadlines
  • Executive satisfaction improved as team is seen as creating a best-practice for managing cross-group governance process
  • Improved visibility for the product division leadership into products in development
  • Increased efficiencies for each product team through a defined, simplified review process