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New strategy supports a new commerce platform and direct sales model

See how we turned around a product team's go-to-market strategy at a large technology vendor helping them reverse losing ground to an aggressive competitor.

Businesses that want to succeed in the realities of today’s rapidly shifting economic landscape need to streamline and accelerate their internal processes, empower employees with new tools and decision-making capabilities and quickly deploy strategic infrastructure that helps meet emerging needs and opportunities. Businesses that embrace change and find new ways to adapt quickly will continue to accelerate their revenue growth.

The principles outlined above inspired a Fortune 500 company’s vision for a new way to enhance their wide-ranging suite of products through a partner-led add-on selling motion. But in order to make that vision a reality, it needed a clear strategy that coordinated efforts across more than fifteen teams within the company. 

Here is how they laid the groundwork to create this strategy. 

The Challenge

  • Inability to reach targeted customer through existing go-to-market approach
  • Losing market share to key competitor in a valuable, strategic marketplace
  • Needed strategic plan for building out a new direct-sales model
  • Different agendas at the group-level fragmented efforts and poor alignment
  • Diminished relevance and confidence in team by senior management creating stress for the business
  • Team’s approach contrary to the strategic platform for the company
  • High level of urgency to make changes now and start producing results

The Solution

  • Created a new, recommended go-to-market strategy for delivering the desired vision for the commercial marketplace
  • Authored customer and market plan whitepaper for adoption and implementation of the new strategy
  • Managed stakeholder communication and buy-in process to drive reviews and feedback prior to launch
  • Project management to keep the whitepaper creation process on track
  • Created supporting internal content to support new effort

The Result

  • Produced a 3-year strategic plan for our client's commerce platform and direct selling model
  • Aligned marketing and product engineering resources to execute a single, shared strategic vision
  • Clarified the go-forward plan of record for the remainder of the fiscal year
  • Improved working relationship with important stakeholders that was previously strained
  • Improved the team’s standing with senior management