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Onboarding speeds ability to recruit partners and accelerate revenue

Our client, a large cloud platform company needed to better compete with two entrenched competitors and rally partners behind their solutions.

The recruitment and activation of partners is increasingly difficult, with growing numbers of potential relationships in a pitched battle for market share. Competition from a sea of worthy competitors means special challenges in pursuing highly desirable partners, requiring care in the onboarding process and focused communication that emphasizes exactly what value you can provide to them in a way your competitors cannot.  

The Challenge

  • Google’s inability to recruit and activate key cloud partners limited competitive position
  • The team was missing recruitment and revenue targets
  • Lack of a unified, compelling messaging resulted in a fractured field approach to recruitment
  • Unclear ownership and processes resulted in uneven execution
  • Partner account managers had no roadmap, or benchmarks, to gauge recruitment and activation success

The Solution

  • Developed an operational support to structure, resources, and process to define and manage field activities
  • Improved partner business proposition highlighting Google strengths and competitor issues
  • Developed processes and tools into field playbooks and execution guidelines new onboarding process
  • Created content roadmap allowing for better development of required partner- and customer-facing materials

The Result

  • Buy-in from global stakeholders around key objectives, strategies and operating framework
  • Data-driven, targeted lists for field recruitment effort
  • Consistent metrics, scorecard and processes for measuring channel activation for both partners and field
  • Tools, playbooks and partner-facing content for each internal stakeholder’s group