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Partner account manager training drives net new business focus

Luke Gordon
Luke Gordon

Channel program successfully transformed to decrease cost of sale and increase net new business generation.

The Problem

Focusing Channel Development Managers on helping partners drive net new business independent from inside sales efforts.

Our client’s cost of sales is too high because of a high overlap between the channel and the inside sales team. With an established executive team, change must be implemented after development of top-level support and carefully managed during execution.

The objective is to:

  • Align executive organization owners around the need and the approach
  • Refocus field resources
  • Resolve real and perceived conflicts between partners and inside sales
  • Incent partners to drive net new business
  • Train Channel Development Managers on their new role

The Spur Group is engaged to help the client work through the problems, document all changes and conduct the initial role transformation training.

Our Solution

Worked with executives and supporting team members to clearly define the problem and collaboratively develop a set of documents that detail the new structure and processes.

  • Establish rules of engagement to document how inside sales and partners work together
  • Modify sales systems to support new deal registration processes
  • Create incentives that encourage partners to drive net new deals
  • Document processes in a new Partner Account Manager (PAM) playbook
  • Conduct a role specific bootcamp to prepare PAMs and set expectations
  • Conduct ongoing role training during the first 6 months of the new roles

Our Results

Met aggressive 80-day timeline to re-engineer and launch how partner sales are managed prior to the start of a new fiscal year.

  • Common expectations and processes for sales roles across geographies
  • Agreed upon rules for how channel and inside sales conflicts are handled
  • Restructured organization built to maximize value of channel activities
  • Updated systems that enables partners to drive deals with less inside sales interaction

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