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Partner scoring improves partner visibility, performance and value

Learn how we helped a leading storage company streamline partner management while growing the overall partner revenues through a new partner performance and scoring engine.

Thanks to rapid innovation in cloud computing, social software and other technologies, partner ecosystems have greater potential for growth than ever before. However, at a time when partners are increasingly important to your businessit’s critical to systematically measure performance to ensure that 1) you’re getting maximum value across the board and 2) you can intervene when any one partnership underperforms. Companies that can keep tabs on partners while managing the complexity of a diverse set of alliances can maximize their returns, and the partners will prosper as well. 

Here’s how one of the industry’s most advanced providers of storage solutions gained a powerful advantage with a data-driven analysis of the performance of its partner ecosystem. 


The Challenge

  • Programs and investments planned objectives missed even with alignment to “best” partners
  • Failure to leverage existing data to gain insights and causality around partner behavior
  • Low partner adoption of strategic products with top partners, even with clear customer momentum
  • No measure of channel health outside of the top few revenue producing partners

The Fix

  • Implemented a structured partner scoring and management structure
  • Created a normalized, transaction-level data warehouse for partner information
  • Established a data-driven capacity planning and management infrastructure and processes
  • Implemented a unified dashboard, with an integrated implementation roadmap, across all partners and partner programs
  • Developed a governance plan and structure for measuring partner and program execution and results

The Results

  • Better insight on which programs and investments impact partner results
  • Improved return on contra programs with clearer linkage to business results and partner plans
  • Increased adoption of strategic products within partner base
  • Tighter alignment between headquarters and field execution
  • Greater measurement of partner performance across all segments with increased ability to identify growth partners