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Siloed teams aligned around shared goals, messaging and frameworks

Breaking through siloed groups and agendas, one team garnered broad executive buy-in through a careful, collaborative process and disciplined communication.

A consistent communications strategy and framework is a necessity to capture the attention of customers and partners. When you can tell a compelling story that’s relatable, focused and intelligent, you build confidence and trust while inspiring people to action.

Here’s how one client took control of their messaging by adopting a single, unified narrative across all product teams while preserving the ability to articulate the value of each product within their broad portfolio.

The Challenge

  • Siloed teams and fragmented external messaging created customer and partner confusion for Cisco’s Security Group
  • Current messaging outdated and failed to reflect new portfolio after several M&A acquisitions
  • No process existed to drive alignment between executives, teams and programs
  • Strong time pressure existed to develop new alignment for Impact event

The Solution

  • Unified messaging and clearly articulate value within the portfolio
  • Ran executive-level governance process to agree on key issues, challenges, and success criteria
  • Followed a rigorous project management discipline to drive outcomes with minimal dedicated client bandwidth
  • Developed deliverables and content allowing team to land an execute across the organization and field

The Result

  • Executive buy-in and alignment across the organization with common benchmarks of success
  • Adopted a single, unified narrative across each product team within the Security Group
  • Met aggressive deadlines enabling delivery for important events
  • Positive executives experience and process viewed as a big win for the team