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Successful product launch improves adoption & reverses dissatisfaction

A large technology company needed help in launching its mixed reality products into the existing product portfolio. The stakes were high, and a quick turnaround was required.

Every day companies are challenged to innovate to stay ahead of emerging trends and take advantage of new opportunities to meet customer demands. Every challenge presents the chance to learn, change and grow. To thrive in an era of digital transformation, organizations need to go beyond siloed reaction to threatening issues to reimagining the process. When you look at the big picture, rewrite the marketing story and give people the right tools, you can turn a disruptive situation into a positive, revenue-growing experience for internal sellers, external partners and affected customers.

Here’s how our client adapted its marketing approach for a portfolio of intelligent business applications to adapt to customer needs, integrate important features, and communicate changes to those affected.

The Challenge

  • Disrupted focus around the launch of mixed reality products within our client's product group
  • Failure to land key customer accounts leading to missed revenue targets
  • Negative customer experiences driving down satisfaction and creating a sales and marketing challenge
  • Poor end-of-life management around earlier product versions complicating customer relationships

The Solution

  • Crafted product messaging framework to align stakeholders, drive customer experiences and compel partner interest.
  • Drove mindshare through partner co-selling and co-marketing mixed reality with the client's larger portfolio
  • Used detailed project management process to document and execute the launch plan
  • Created stakeholder communications process and cadence to keep teams on track, and drive to decisions and actions
  • Updated core content to tell adapting story focused on market leadership and key customer scenarios

The Result

  • Successfully launched product that established mixed reality as an enhancement for our client's existing portfolio
  • Aligned with numerous stakeholders across marketing, engineering, and business planning
  • Won executive-level approval for launch effort and customer communications plan
  • Better managed the customer experiences resulting in improved satisfaction and buy-in
  • Enabled field sellers and external partners to execute the desired co-selling model