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Transform your data into actionable insights

Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller

Gain a deeper understanding of your business and tell a data-driven story of your successes by synthesizing data across siloed systems into one comprehensive report.

The problem

How do I effectively use my disparate data sources to answer key business questions, identify opportunities for improvement, and communicate my team's progress to my leadership and peers?

The client, a product marketing lead, knew her company had a plethora of data about customer behavior and product usage. However, the data was spread across multiple systems owned by groups throughout the organization. Her team lacked the resources to locate, integrate, and analyze this data in a way that surfaced key insights and trends and communicated her team’s achievements.

The Spur Group was engaged to develop a new method of reporting to:

  • Provide a holistic view of the data on a monthly cadence.
  • Answer vital business questions on user behavior and marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • Define metrics, accurately forecast, and measure success against targets.
  • Communicate successes and progress against goals to leadership and peers.

Our solution

Identify impactful metrics and views that accurately and effectively communicate the state of the business, then review and align available data to consistently produce reports.

  • Developed key performance indicators and views to provide actionable insights into user behavior and track progress against targets.
  • Identified and interviewed data owners.
  • Built refreshable connections between multiple data sources in a Power BI dashboard.

Our results

By streamlining reporting and building a refreshable data-pulling process, we helped the client achieve greater business intelligence through strategic insights and a gauge of the organization's health.

  • Created a holistic view providing line-of-sight into the business by synthesizing information from 10+ sources.
  • Provided consistent and accurate reporting for cross-team monthly business reviews.
  • Delivered actionable insights into user behavior and preferences.
  • Enabled better target and goal setting by providing data-driven predictions of future behavior.



Increased scale of available
business reporting 


Reduction in time needed to
prepare for business reviews




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