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Transform your go-to-market approach with The Spur Group

The Spur Group
The Spur Group

ACE is a program that drives communication and unified engagement between diverse business groups

The Problem

Alignment: Significant communication gaps result in duplication of activities and missed customer opportunities.
How can we better align executive priorities with field & partner sales efforts?

Results: Field and partner teams are knowledgeable on sales playbooks, but there is a lack of ownership around key responsibilities and account coverage.
How can we improve sales execution in alignment with scorecard metrics?

Revenue: Our solutions are proven, but we lack processes and insights needed for consistent execution.
How can we improve our GTM approach to increase sales pipeline and maximize revenue capture?

The ACE program is built to address a problem which affects multiple business groups, influenced by several factors including: inconsistent internal / external communication and disconnected project management operations.

The Spur Group was engaged to build out and run the ACE program. We drove communication and unified engagement by:

  • Aligning business operations with executive goals
  • Developing consistent project management operations
  • Improving sales execution efficiency

Our Solution

A scalable, centralized team identifies client pain points through a discovery period, collaborates with key stakeholders to determine program goals and project plan, executes on program motions with rigor and accountability, and provides visibility into high priority initiatives.

We help our clients transform the way they go-to-market by:

  • Improving sales team and partner channel effectiveness
  • Developing a healthy sales pipeline
  • Refining business operations to increase flexibility and scale
  • Creating clear accountabilities that drive sales behavior and customer results

Our Results

Our ACE pilot program increased client sales revenue through execution of a scalable GTM approach, utilizing rigorous program management to align Field and Partner sales teams, bridge communication gaps, and grow sales pipeline.

The ACE client pilot program was made up of a unified team that provided a consistent and programmatic approach to driving alignment and total revenue capture. This pilot was created and executed over a period of seven months, scaling over time to drive additional key motions. Outcomes from the client pilot indicated that the framework could create reproducible results and would be applicable as a repeatable offering.

Business impacts:

  • Addressed internal and field facing communication gaps and aligned disconnected business groups
  • Enhanced revenue stream and sales pipeline that drove KPIs and successful outcomes
  • Established clear ownership of team roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations

The client pilot of the ACE program resulted in:





opportunities identified through high propensity analysis key motions driven
across three business segments
key stakeholders
involved / collaborated
sales pipeline impact

“The Spur Group helped us foster, develop, and deliver an essential sales pipeline program and process that substantially and positively impacted our overall partner alignment, customer engagement and revenue growth. They partnered with us on this very important and key initiative to help us deliver significant results in an imperative area of the business.”

– Adam C. Rodell, National Director, U.S. Enterprise Commercial, Data & Artificial Intelligence - Azure Data Services,   Microsoft

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