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New event strategy enables virtual event model

Virtual event delivers superior worldwide training at 10% of cost.

It’s no secret that business can be unpredictable. Sudden and chaotic situations often present themselves – business landscapes can and will change abruptly, and leadership change their mind frequently. Meeting these challenges requires creativity to scale, adapt, and start over.

Our client, the divisional sales excellence lead needed to deliver the annual worldwide field training in a more efficient way, without sacrificing effectiveness. In previous years, the annual sales meeting cost millions of dollars to deliver with production and travel costs.

The client turned to The Spur Group to plan, provide project management and produce a first-ever, global virtual event to align, engage and motivate its 2000+ worldwide field sales force.

Here's how we helped create an operational framework as the basis for delivering an effective and captivating virtual event.

The Challenge

  • How do you keep 2,000+ people worldwide current and meet aggressive cost objectives?
  • The sales excellence lead wanted to replace the past format with a new, highly-interactive virtual event
  • Provide worldwide training with a flexible content delivery schedule
  • Improve field communications while reducing travel and training costs
  • Offer a repeatable operational framework for future events to work from

The Solution

  • Maintained cross-team alignment between multiple business owners with differing agendas and priorities
  • Built a rigorous project management discipline and train content owners not schooled in PMO process
  • Developed and executed to an operational framework providing effective launch planning
  • Provided an extendable infrastructure to simultaneously run multiple virtual events worldwide
  • Authored executive messaging and field communications to market the virtual event
  • Offered project management for keynote presentations development and delivery
  • Provided quantitative reporting of field attendance as well as presenter and audience feedback
  • Offered qualitative insight into the data and provided recommendations to improve delivery and quality of future events

The Result

  • Reduced training costs by 90%, in comparison to the previous year.
  • Repeatable, best in class training at 10% of the cost.
  • Increased field communication and participation, in comparison to the previous year
  • Delivered consistent training on corporate priorities and initiatives across multiple geographies
  • Received positive participant feedback for both content development and delivery
  • Provided an operational framework and project management approach for future virtual events

“The Spur Group provided a set of competencies and expertise that permitted our executives to continue to focus on their daily responsibilities while the corporate planning process improvement project was being conducted.”