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5Cs front page

The 5Cs: How to Drive Impact with Channel Capacity Planning

A proven model to improve your partner strategy

Channel management is about managing customer wins, channel sales, and market coverage. At The Spur Group, we've helped clients build strong programs and distilled the process to its critical elements.




What you'll learn in this whitepaper

As a channel leader, your role is to ensure your company has the right number of partners, in the right places, to drive the right results.

  1. The goal of capacity planning

From benchmarking to level-setting across the organization, why you should do capacity planning.

2. The 5Cs model

The Spur Group's proprietary model for measuring and driving capacity. 

3. Partner capacity versus partner scoring

The aggregate vs. individual view

4. How to build out your capacity plan

A field-tested process for developing a capacity plan

5. How to use your capacity plan

The three key types of processes you can implement after completing capacity planning

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