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Channel capacity planning
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Improve your capacity planning efforts

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This free report reveals the four critical metrics you should measure for robust capacity planning. Learn that are the four critical metrics you should measure for robust capacity planning. This will help you better determine which partners you should manage, how you should distribute your resources and how you can truly measure your partner’s performance. This whitepaper will detail how to use capacity planning to:

  1. Determine territory level objectives
  2. Set partner business plans
  3. Ensure resource return on investment

About the author

Luke Gordon is a leader in our channel management and business intelligence practices. With over 10 years of industry experience he brings a background in customer service and a passion for data based decision making to collaboratively solve client challenges. He is responsible for leading projects involving strategic development, stakeholder alignment, executive communications, and business intelligence development.

Luke Gordon
Senior Manager
The Spur Group

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Apply a proven model to improve your partner business

"The Spur Group is a vital partner in VMware’s channel transformation efforts. As an example, we have achieved breakthroughs in the way we do channel capacity planning thanks to Spur’s services.

Spur helped us gain programmatic insight into our partner ecosystem so we know where and how to invest for the most impact. If you are looking to address a channel challenge, I highly recommend Spur"

Colleen Kapase
VP Partner GTM, Incentives and Programs,