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The Spur Group Difference

Discover The Spur Group Difference

Transform Your Sales, Marketing and Channel Management

Instead of strategy binders gathering dust, you need a clear path to success – and measurable results. Create the business momentum you need with a data-driven approach that transforms your entire enterprise, from marketing and sales to channel management and communications.

To achieve this transformation, you need the right team: one that combines extensive industry experience and data insights to deliver results that matter.

The Spur Group’s founders and Principals come from high tech companies, where they built transformative revenue acceleration programs. We’ve built our consultancy by creating value for our clients and performing world-class work for world-class companies.

“My experience with Spur has been outstanding. Easily one of the very best vendor experiences I’ve had in my 10 years at Microsoft … it has been a pleasure working with all of them.”

Peter Cooper | Director of Product Marketing, Internet of Things | Microsoft

A proven approach to revenue acceleration


The Spur Group analyzes your business from top to bottom, providing unsurpassed insight into your’ strengths and untapped potential. We identify where your resources and investments are generating strong returns and where you need to make changes to sales revenue methods, partner performance and product communications.

But, we don’t stop at strategy. We deliver measurable results by transforming strategy into action, sharing responsibility and accountability with your team to develop, communicate and execute clear steps forward that yield sustainable, measurable returns year after year.

We’ve combined data insights, proprietary technology and decades of industry experience into a powerful set of tools that will accelerate your revenue:

10 breakthrough strategies for tech companies cover.png

10 Breakthrough Strategies for Technology Companies


Sales Transformation Assessment

Our proprietary assessment methodology quantifies your progress towards meaningful sales transformation.  The Spur Group is unique in the industry with our specialization in revenue acceleration and our expertise in the sales, marketing, channels and operations disciplines.  

With our Sales Transformation Assessment , your will gain better insight and learn the next steps to improve the following:  

  • Sales organization - Find resources to focus on the high growth parts of your business
  • Cost model - Know your costs per order dollar and how to improve it
  • Sales process - Take advantage of new, more effective selling techniques to strengthen your pipeline
  • Coverage model - Get better account and partner coverage in critical market areas
  • Channel efforts  - Strengthen your partner efforts

Growth Profile™ Strategic Model

Our Growth Profile strategic framework helps you map your product priorities to your sales and partner performance in a quantifiable manner. Whether you are doing annual business planning or trying to determine your best channel strategy, knowing your growth profile is essential. It quickly lets you assess which products are in the growth cycle and helps you determine the right strategic balance to recruit, grow, develop or prune your direct and partner sales base.

Know your growth profile and ensure you have the right business strategy:

  • Perform - Maximize sales and today's revenue
  • Transform - Strengthen to scale or achieve performance leadership
  • Incubate - Break into new markets and technology
  • Optimize - Maintain sales with programmatic reductions

SMART Coverage™ Sales Optimization

Drive sales transformation with data insights that help you lower costs and achieve your revenue acceleration goals. Optimize sales effectiveness and territory management with best practices on industry, pipeline and sales rep performance. Sell more with less.

To help your team thrive in today’s changing sales environment, we focus on three key areas:

  • End-to-end approach - Examine all areas of your sales efforts including your compensation and incentive programs, your sales talent and enablement efforts, your market coverage, your cost per order dollar model and your sales processes and organization
  • Data-driven analysis - Get quantifiable data that drills down and shows you how each market, product and individual sales rep is performing
  • SMART modeling - Build on your sales team’s performance metrics, we help you to optimize your account coverage, define territories and strategically compensate your sales force to drive the results you need

PERC™ Partner Scoring

Every channel executive wants to know exactly where their investment of time, resources and money is working and where it’s not. Without real data, you’re left making channel management decisions based on nothing but intuition and instinct. With The Spur Group, you get unmatched insight into channel revenues, product mix, market coverage and loyalty.

We have a propietary method that uses your available data to rank and measure partner proformance end-to-end manner.  With our scoring model you can rank, measure and take actions to better execute the following:

  • Growth tracking - Make sure you'll hit your target business outcomes
  • Partner performance - Rank and measure partners based on their complete performance profile
  • Program impact - Benchmark and assess program effectiveness through partner-reflected results
  • Partner management - Identify and compare managed verses unmanaged partner performance 
  • Channel incentives- Improve return and quantify incentive impact

Channel Management - PERC Scoring Specialists from The Spur Group on Vimeo.

Partner Insite™

We can show you which high-performing partners deserve your time, resources and attention, as well as the effectiveness of your channel marketing and partner communications. Our Partner Insite database combines exhaustive data and proprietary algorithms, helping you recruit competitive partners, expand your ecosystem and track partner go-to-market execution.

We make your channel management efforts more effective by tracking partners across five key areas:

  • Vendor alignment - Know with which vendors does the partner go-to-market
  • Program membership - Understand what vendor programs does a partner belong to and what level have they earned
  • Product focus - Identify what products does the partner highlight and emphasize
  • Industry importance - Learn what industries does the partner focus
  • Business model - Discover what services does the partner provide and how do they monitize their business

POWER Sales Engagement

Sales engagement is the point of inflection for your business: the moment your market intelligence, technology development and business strategy move from the conference room whiteboard to revenue acceleration reality. Creating the right toolkit is essential.

We have a proven formula that lets you build great content and maximize your sales engagement. Pick your level of engagement and we will create a custom sales engagement bill-of-materials that arms all your sellers with the tools necessary to win business:

  • Essentials - Create the core engagement that uses the value of your offering to win over the business decision maker 
  • Advantage - Enable sellers to lead compelling technical-value conversations with technical decision makers
  • Premier - Amplify the power of your sellers, both direct and partners, with advanced selling tools

Connected Messaging 

Our experienced team works with your staff from start to finish, delivering consistent, expert guidance in building a message that aligns with strategy and highlights the value proposition in a way that’s both differentiating and compelling.

You can use our framework to either produce great sales enablement content or use it to power your sales team efforts. This proven, scalable framework ensures your product message is:

  • Consistent - Make complex internal and external communications clear and constant 
  • Connected - Align messaging with your business objectives. If it won’t drive results, it isn’t included
  • Competitive - Create actionable messages make you stand out from market competitors

Sure Content Engine

Deliver great content quickly and efficiently.  Our process for creating content is unique.  We become experts on your offerings.  We know how to vary your content to deliver the right mix of unique benefits, features and remarkables to best convince your audiences to change their beliefs and take action. We then shape the messaging and the customer experience to maximize impact.

By aligning efforts to achieve shared goals, we’re as invested in your success as you are:  

  • SME driven - Leverage your subject matter experts to get the basic story right
  • Process driven - Create a rigorous cadence for collecting information, defining the story, creating the content, polishing the visuals and getting sign-off
  • Review driven - Manage visibility and accountability with a disciplined review rhythm
  • Message driven - Snap to the core messaging framework and make sure each items tells both its part of the story and supports the broader message

Momentum Management

Meaningful, lasting change isn’t easy to achieve. When your strategy calls for a fundamental shift in how you do business, change management is essential to delivering sustainable results.  We work side-by-side with your executives, managers and team members to set clear accountabilities for both your team and our consultants.

By aligning efforts to achieve shared goals, we’re as invested in your success as you are:  

  • Remain the hero - Center around you and your team as the agents of change
  • Gain instant business momentum - Get a fast start, maintained sense of urgency, and a concentration on early business wins
  • Drive involvement and accountability - Reinforce buy-in and document approvals
  • Instill rigor and discipline - Focus on lasting processes that continuously push your business forward
  • Create visibility  - Drive change throughout your organization


Every business experiences ebbs and flows.  The Spur Group helps you scale your operations based on your current need.  We do more than simple staffing.  We bring in the right SWAT team to meet your needs. These experienced professionals come in with a running start, focus on delivering immediate benefit, follow and improve existing processes, deliver results that matter and measure their impact.

We can help you in a number of areas:  

  • Marketing-as-a-service - Scale your marketing team when you need a burst of content or simple bandwidth
  • Program management-as-a-service - Manage your day-to-day programs so your staff can focus on strategic value
  • Sales enablement-as-a-service - Coach your sales resources to better manage your pipeline, close more business and lower your costs
  • Channel operations-as-a-service - Manage your channel design, incentives and reporting
  • Project management-as-a-service -  Make sure your team delivers results, savings and timeliness

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