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    How to Optimize Channel Partnerships Through the Partner Experience

    Our worksheet will help you evaluate and improve your partner experience

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    Increased competition, the changing roles of partners and vendors, and a greater need to prioritize the ease-of-doing business are three factors that have prompted channel leaders to re-think the way they conduct business with their partners. Further, channel leaders must ask themselves: continue business-as-usual or invest in a strategic partner experience?

    Similar to the customer experience, the partner experience (PX) is your partners’ holistic perception of your business developed through your interactions, the resources and technology you provide, and your working relationship as a whole.

    In a rapidly changing business environment, optimizing your partner experience will improve their experience with end customers, creating new opportunities for your company to grow and boost channel success. 

    Find out how to improve and optimize your partner experience with our worksheet: 

    Is your current partner experience best-in-class or inefficient?

    • We walk through the tell-tale signs of a top-performing and under-performing partner experience to help you evaluate your own structures and processes.

    How can you identify the areas of opportunity within your own partner experience?

    • With a list of steps and checklist, we show you how to improve your existing partner experience by conducting an assessment and implementing best practices.

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    With The Spur Group's holistic and extensive knowledge on partner go-to-market strategies, we were able to identify the key next steps needed to scale...we appreciate the high quality of work they delivered throughout our collaboration.

    Philip Larson | Sr. Director of WW Programs, Snowflake Inc.