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    6 Disciplines of Successful Channel Management

    Elevate your channel management

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    Are your partners delivering a competitive advantage? As more companies invest in channel as a vital component of a go-to-market strategy, effective channel management is more critical than ever. How do you know if your strategy is falling short? 

    Learn a new approach to channel with this whitepaper:

    Discipline #1Create a unified partner plan

    Setting the channel strategy, your ideal partners and tactics for success

    Discipline #2 — Build a partner roadmap to the ideal ecosystem 

    How capacity planning and partner scoring work together for better performance

    Discipline #3 — Conduct a business value proposition assessment

    What value do your partners receive from working with you?

    Discipline #4 — Embrace the new partnership model

    How changing market conditions have upended the traditional partnership model

    Discipline #5 — Architect incentives to drive behavior

    The behavior and results you want from partners

    Discipline #6 — Define a channel operations model

    How to effectively put your channel strategy into place

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    There are two key factors, competence and trust. With respect to competence, Spur can understand the complexity of channel business and VMware’s demand for pragmatic and successful solutions. In terms of trust, Spur has gained VMware’s confidence by consistently bringing creative ideas to tackle complex problems.

    Steve Furtado | Sr. Director, Compliance and M&A, VMware