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    How to Use Partner Scoring to Increase Channel ROI

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    Every channel leader faces the same core problem — how do I use limited resources, programs, and people to best influence partners and meet my business objectives?

    Find out how changes in the technology industry are transforming partners and the entire channel ecosystem — and how you can best evolve with the times. 

    Learn the answers to these questions and more in the guide:

    The changing world of tech, partners, and channel leaders

    • How the technology industry is changing and what it means for you. 

    What is partner scoring?

    • How benchmarking, outcomes, performance and potential all come together into a systematic scoring process. 

    How should you score partners?

    • The key data you need to score partners effectively. 

    The Spur Group scoring model

    • We share our proprietary model called the 5Cs.

    How should I use partner scoring?

    • Whether you're looking for answers on an individual or aggregate level, you can use partner scoring to meet your goals. 

    Download this resource to get started

    The Spur Group is a vital partner in VMware’s channel transformation efforts. As an example, we have achieved breakthroughs in the way we do channel capacity planning thanks to Spur’s services.

    Colleen Kapase | VP Partner GTM, Incentives and Programs, VMware