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    Why Your Go-To-Market Strategy Matters

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    How to create a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s B2B marketplace

    Defining and managing a strong go-to-market strategy is critical for your business. Unfortunately, too many companies fail to focus on their go-to-market strategy as a competitive advantage. After helping hundreds of companies accelerate their revenues, The Spur Group can definitively state this can be a costly mistake.

    You will learn exactly how to:

    Step 1 - Design innovative strategies

    Data on your customers, partners, and teams can be a valuable asset — especially when you are looking to innovate and scale. If used effectively, data can help you make mission-critical decisions, as well as assess, measure, and refine your current strategy. Our strategy includes determining KPIs, collecting relevant data, hiring the right people, sharing information, and automating where it makes sense. 

    Step 2 - Magnify audience engagement

    By connecting on a more personal level and creating powerfully positive experiences, you is are on your way to winning your audience’s hearts and minds. It is vital to craft messages that resonate, align your people, build the right content, and manage the right engagements.

    Step 3 - Accelerate business growth

    Customers now control the search and discovery process of sales. Evolving your approach is essential to accelerating wins and revenue. Find out how to choose the right sales approach, build a high-performing team, create predictable, and consistent processes, and measure performance along the entire customer journey.

    Step 4 - Increase partner effectiveness

    Forming more productive channel partnerships is often the key to scaling your business, expanding your market reach, and building better trust with your customers. Learn how to better equip and motivate your partners to grow their business with you, producing positive results for both entities.  

    Step 5 - Fuel execution excellence

    Rigorous and disciplined execution helps you get more done, with taxed resources, in an environment that requires multiple areas of focus. Discover how to lower friction, expand bandwidth, drive innovation, measure impact, and produce repeatable success on your teams.

    Start transforming your go-to-market efforts now!

    We kept working with Spur because they knew the materials and delivered exceptional content. It was a no brainer. We extended our SOW with Spur twice to accomplish more.

    Ann Bachrach | Director, Global Industry Product Marketing, Microsoft​