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Potential Over Pedigree

As a team that embraces lifelong learning from the top down, we look for critical masterminds and dynamic communicators who share the drive to constantly improve their thinking. We’re a mix of experienced candidates with the drive to teach and new talent with the courage to learn.

"I’m a mid-career professional who’s ‘grown up’ at Starbucks and Microsoft, but always wanted to see what it’s like to work for a smaller company. Just two weeks in with Spur, the company values, mission, and commitment to quality in their work and people feel like what I’ve experienced at other companies, but more personal and down to earth."
Bill Pearse, Principal Consultant

A Culture of Courage

We believe good ideas can come from anywhere. So, we listen to our employees’ issues, identify untapped strengths, and use failure as an opportunity to grow. If you have the courage to learn, we have the drive to teach.


Good people drive our good work

Putting people at the heart of every decision is what allows us to deliver results for our clients. But it’s also what makes our collaborative environment so rewarding—and what makes us look forward to coming into work every day. If you tackle challenges with unmatched persistence and believe learning is critical to ongoing growth, we want you on our team.


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Perks of the job

  • Prioritize Wellbeing
  • 100% paid health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Flexible paid vacation
  • Plan for Retirement
  • 4% 401k matching
  • Grow Your Career
  • Training at all levels
  • Mentor program
  • Work Better
  • Public transit allowance
  • Cell phone and plan
  • Flexible workspaces
  • Live a Little
  • Catered lunches and parties
  • Company sports teams
  • Community service opportunities
"One of our mottos is ‘no broken people, no broken jobs.’ The opportunity to make money does not outweigh the importance our people have."
Randy Karr
No broken people